moving mobile apps

There’s no doubt that moving to a new home is an overwhelming and stressful undertaking. Several things should be well taken care of to ensure a smooth and hassle-free relocation experience. Luckily, with the availability of modern innovations these days, the moving process doesn’t need to be a difficult one. 

One of these technological advancements are mobile applications for relocation. As long as you have a mobile phone, you can download these apps and get the most out of them for your upcoming move. 

Thus, if you have plans of moving one of these days, below are the five mobile applications to use to ensure a successful transition:

1. Zillow

One of the most popular moving software being used during a relocation is Zillow, a real-estate mobile app. Typically, relocating isn’t just about packing your belongings but it’s also about looking for the right home to move in. 

So, if you haven’t found a new home yet, don’t hesitate to install Zillow on your phone and use its features. Instead of searching for options on the web, you can browse through the app to access a variety of home listings in your area. Moreover, if you’re looking for the best real estate agent in your area, this mobile application has a platform that can connect you to a variety of agents. As such, you can make your search process much easier and faster. 

2. MoveAdvsisor

When it comes to staying organized during your relocation, using MoveAdvisor can be an excellent option. It has plenty of features that can help you organize the undertaking without any hassle. These features can include a moving checklist with a timeline, a home inventory list, and a search tool when looking for one of the reliable moving companies in your location. 

On the other hand, to be organized during the relocation, you need a checklist to guide you in the completion of all your tasks. With a list in place, you’ll never miss anything before, during, and after the transition. Also, if you have lots of possessions to relocate, the MoveAdvisor’s home inventory tool can allow you to keep track of your belongings during the transit. 

Lastly, when you have this mobile app on your phone, finding the right relocation service provider is much more convenient. All you need to do is access a list of companies on the app, along with their business information. Instead of browsing using the major search engine, utilize the app to narrow down your options. That way, you can find the right relocation professionals for the transition. 

3. OfferUp

Just like finding a new home, relocating is also about sorting out your items and getting rid of the unnecessary and unwanted ones. Fortunately, doing this process doesn’t have to be a hassle. 

By downloading the OfferUp application on your mobile phone, you can dispose of all unnecessary things on this selling or buying platform. Just download this software and start the selling process. Take photos of all items for sale, put a price and a small description, and post them. It can be a great way of eliminating all unnecessary stuff while earning additional income on the side. 

4. Sortly

Another mobile app you can use for moving is Sortly. Since packing has been one of the most challenging aspects of the transition, it’s important to make this process more seamless to avoid stress and anxiety. 

That being said, you shouldn’t forget to install this software to your mobile phone. When you have Sortly at your side, you can organize your packing task by grouping your possessions by room, boxes, necessity, and many more.

In doing so, the professionals like Manhattan movers or wherever you may be located can quickly load the boxes to the moving boxes without any mishaps. 

5. TaskRabbit

Before you relocate, you should make sure your new home is ready to welcome you upon your arrival. This means doing some common home improvement ideas to make your new place more welcoming and cozier. 

But, with the schedule you have, you may be unable to do the projects by yourself. Therefore, you should download the TaskRabbit app to seek help from the professionals. Whether you need deep cleaning, interior painting, roof and flooring replacement, and many more, this mobile software can help you connect with a lot of experienced home renovation experts without any issues. 

By doing this, you can have your new home renovated despite being busy with other stuff. This means arriving at your new home with utmost comfort and convenience. 

6. Three Movers

Three Movers trusted moving partners handle local and long distance moving services and can also assist with international moves to locations throughout the world. Three Movers mobile app provide professional moving services that are handled by skilled professional movers and a friendly customer service staff.

The Bottom Line

Before, the different aspects of moving had to be done manually. From hiring movers and other professionals to decluttering and packing all your items, all these things are accomplished without technology at your disposal. 

But, by using today’s mobile apps being mentioned above, you can ensure a successful relocation for everyone involved. Remember, in a digital world, app technology will always be there to assist you throughout the process.