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Before you can successfully launch your own product or service, one crucial step is to secure funding first. You may have the brightest idea but without the cash to back it up, executing your plans and getting your startup running could be a real struggle. Besides, you will need money to purchase equipment, hire people, rent space, and more.

There are many different ways entrepreneurs can obtain the funds they need.

For some, seeking help within their inner circle (such as their friends and family members) does the job. Meanwhile, others use their own savings, plus there are also those who turn to grants and loans. Or maybe a combination of any or all of these factors.

Of course, approaching investors can be a great solution, too – and here’s the thing: with the rise of Zoom conferencing, it’s even possible to find willing investors without leaving the comfort of your home! 

An Invitation For Entrepreneurs Everywhere

The Farm SoHo, a highly reputable coworking office and events space in New York City, is collaborating with Dubai-based acquisition advisory venture Papyrus Advisor in extending an invitation to all entrepreneurs hoping to take their companies to the next level.

With their live digital investor pitch nights, business owners will get the chance to acquire funding by pitching original ideas to eager investors from different parts of the world.

I have a network of diverse investors who are interested in making more money,” said Papyrus Advisor managing partner Karim Oumran. “I then connect them to extraordinary startups, companies, and special projects.”

Businesses of all sizes are welcome to these pitching events, which will be held online via Zoom. “These startups could be smart kids who have come up with a new idea – or proven, established businesses who need investment for their growth,” explained Karim.

Preparing To Make The Pitch

To catch the attention of international investors, you will need to stand out from the crowd.

In an Entrepreneur article about the topic, we read:

“Your product or services need to be unique. Prove to your investors, with concrete evidence, that your market potential is big enough to make investing worthwhile.”

What’s more, another big benefit here is that Papyrus Advisor has assured participants that they are ready to provide help and guidance for startup owners who are serious about applying.


While no specific dates have been announced so far, a Farm SoHo blog tells us that the first pitch night will take place later this year. Moreover, we are told that updates about the upcoming event will soon be sent via the Farm SoHo newsletter so make sure to sign up for that. Meanwhile, those keen to join may want to start applying now by answering three simple questions via the Farm SoHo website.

With these online pitch events, finding investors for small businesses – whether you are a brand new startup or more well established – does not have to be difficult. The right investors will help you unlock the doors to endless possibilities since you won’t have to grow your brand on your own. You can expand your business rapidly thanks to financial backing for your groundbreaking ideas.

Best of luck!