Web designing

Every business requires a website today because it is perhaps the first thing a potential buyer looks at. In fact, they even base their buying decisions on what they see on your website. Showcasing your products and services online is the first thing to do with a business website. But it is only the tip of the iceberg because you can leverage a site to replicate your brand online. Startups can actually rely on website design to build their new brand without spending a fortune. Let us explain how you can use it to achieve your branding goals. 

Choose the right colors

Color is the primary branding element as it has the power to evoke buyers’ emotions and drive purchasing decisions. For example, warm hues like yellow and green make the visitors happy, while cool colors promote a feeling of calmness. Black represents luxury and sophistication, making it a top choice for high-end brands. Moreover, the colors you choose for designing your website connect it with your brand’s identity and create a consistent experience. Consider your startup’s identity, and match it with the colors on your website for the best outcomes.

Highlight branding elements

Besides choosing the website colors wisely, your website’s design must also highlight the branding elements for your startup. For example, your logo should be visible everywhere a visitor can spot it. Experts recommend placing it in the upper left corner because users typically look for logos in the area. Optimal logo size is crucial as it should be large enough to draw attention without looking too loud. 

Inject personality into the design

Potential buyers connect with brands having human-like attributions. Startups can capitalize on this mindset by injecting personality into their design. But the task can be trickier than you imagine because you must create a genuine impact. Consider collaborating with a startup web design agency having relevant experience working for new businesses. Hiring an agency saves money for new businesses, and gives them a design-branding advantage. Besides empathic design elements, content can go a long way in giving a human form to your website.

Stir your audience’s feelings

Another measure to build a startup brand with website design is to stir the feelings of your target audience. The best way to do it is by creating pleasant vibes in the web design. For example, you can use happy colors and eye-pleasing design elements like images and animation to attract an average user. The placement of elements at the right spots and easy navigation also help keep the visitor connected and moving down the buying funnel.

Use the appropriate voice

Besides the design of a website, its content is valuable for creating a brand perception for a startup. The tone of voice supports the brand’s personality and creates a deep connection with the target audience. Maintaining an informal tone is a great idea for consumer-focused brands, while B2B startups should be more formal and professional. Also, keep it consistent with your overall image.

A startup website can become the most powerful branding weapon, provided you design it well. Follow these design tips to make the most of your online presence without breaking the bank.