Instagram has millions of followers, spending hours on the platform exploring brands and engaging in conversations every day. A business account is crucial to expand your reach, sell your offerings, and create brand awareness. But achieving these goals takes more than creating an account and scheduling daily posts. A random approach leaves things to chance, and they may or may not work for you. But you can embrace a data-driven mindset to eliminate guesswork and get real results with Instagram promotions. Here are some tips for leveraging Instagram data to enhance your marketing plan.

Stick with valuable metrics

Gathering data can be a complex task, and analyzing it is even more challenging. You can complicate the process further by going too far. The best way to avoid it is by sticking only to valuable metrics. For example, you can follow data such as the posts receiving the maximum interactions, the optimal time for scheduling posts, and the content and hashtags performing the best. Such metrics can help you uncover the most effective strategies to focus on and unproductive ones to skip. Likewise, you can gather similar data for the competitors and analyze the metrics to seek potential improvements in your current strategy.

Find ways to save your time and effort

Without enough data to plan your campaigns, you may end up wasting time and effort. Even if you manage to create and schedule regular posts, consider them only shots in the dark, as they may make or break your campaign. There is no guarantee of success because you only hit and try until something works. But things are different when you have data and analytics to guide your action. You can plan campaigns precisely to achieve a higher success rate. For example, you can consider Famoid for Instagram Likes to make the most of popular content trends. More likes for specific posts boosts your credibility and reach. You need not waste time, effort, and resources on guesswork. Instead, you can give your best from the outset.

Understand and follow your target audience

Nothing matters more than understanding your audience when it comes to creating a winning marketing plan. It is true for all promotional platforms, and Instagram is no exception. The good thing is that you can learn everything about potential buyers by checking detailed Instagram data. The platform enables you to check data categorized according to age, gender, language, and location. The categories simplify your job as you can easily understand the audience better by picking the relevant details. Checking the relevant information helps you dig deep into the purchasing behavior and interests of target buyers. You can rely on these metrics to personalize content for your targeted segment. There are also 3rd party apps that track instagram followers, giving you more insight into your following. 

Instagram data can empower your marketing plan in more than one way, provided you use it correctly. You can leverage it to follow your target buyers, competitors, and market trends. A planned, data-driven approach gives your campaign better chances of success in the competitive space. Moreover, you can achieve more with less by eliminating guesswork from your strategy.