If you want your business to grow successfully, you must consider modernizing various processes. Practice shows that 83% of companies that have implemented IoT in their work have evaluated this solution’s advantages and improved their efficiency. Today we want to discuss how using the Internet of Things will help your business succeed and increase profits.

A few words about IoT

The Internet of Things is a device that is connected to the Internet. Usually, these are sensors that capture data and transmit it to the primary instrument in real time.

You may have heard, “Data is the new oil.” Indeed, the one who owns the information owns the world. If you can get the most up-to-date information, you can react quickly and build a more profitable work strategy, which will help you optimize workflows and understand the real needs of your customers.

Although IoT has been around for a relatively long time, it gained popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, when it proved its effectiveness in the medical industry. Today, the Internet of things has found its application in almost all industries. It is estimated that by 2026 this market could exceed US$1,300 billion.

Today, a considerable number of companies are working on the creation of IoT and plan to implement it in their work. To make this technology as helpful as possible, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive testing. TestFort is a large team of outsourced testers involved in IoT testing. It is better to entrust professionals to comprehensively check your device before releasing it to the market. Otherwise, the bad reviews, network vulnerabilities, and poor performance of a new IoT device software shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Benefits of using IoT for business

IoT has many advantages for business, and today we want to talk only about the most important of them.

Reduces costs

The Internet of Things helps to optimize various processes, including production, supply chains, and many other aspects. It has shown itself best in the manufacturing industry.

Factories that use IoT in their production can significantly reduce downtime (20-50%) and money (5-10%) on preventive equipment maintenance.

Increases productivity and profitability

IoT helps to optimize various workflows through automation. It helps to avoid additional person-hours and increases the efficiency of operations.

Practice shows that more than 80% of companies that have implemented IoT have been able to increase the productivity of their employees and get additional profit.

Opens up new business opportunities

Thanks to IoT, you can learn to understand the buying behavior of your customers better. For example, insurers can calculate new insurance premiums based on a person’s driving skills, and retailers can better distribute goods in the store, taking into account the characteristics of customer behavior.

AI-powered IoTs can collect and analyze data to offer you unique opportunities to help your business grow. It will allow you to develop new products or services and improve customer service. Learn more about the possibilities of IoT in the modern world in this article.

assets usage tracking

Optimal asset usage and tracking

This technology connects every unit, device, asset, machine, or equipment to a single network. It will allow you to monitor better and control the equipment. Through real-time analysis, you can optimize all processes and manage all processes more efficiently, reduce the number of personnel, and improve the final product quality.

IoT often helps companies track the balance of goods in stock, and devices with built-in artificial intelligence can order missing goods from suppliers, process returns, and much more.

Increases security and minimizes vulnerabilities

Your enterprise’s security level will be much higher if you install smart cameras that capture all data in real time and respond to possible problems. For example, you will instantly know that an outsider entered the facility or one of your employees decided to do something illegal.

In addition, such devices can be very useful in maintaining fire safety. When the camera detects smoke, the fire safety system will automatically turn on.

It has already shown its effectiveness in predicting forest fires and quickly identifying them.

In what industries can it be used?

Practice shows that IoT can be used in almost all industries. It has already managed to prove itself well in such industries:

  • Entertainment industry;
  • Supply chains and logistics;
  • Healthcare;
  • Mass media;
  • Agriculture and many others.

Whatever industry you work in, you can find benefits in IoT. With this technology, you can optimize all processes, get more data in real time and use this information to better understand your customers’ real needs and the challenges your employees face.

However, for your IoT to be truly useful, you need to ensure that it works correctly and can perform the functions for which it was created.