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How do you know the true cost of developing what you’re looking for? The questions typically asked by those looking to have software developed are:

“How much will a custom software development cost?” “How long will it take?” Almost every person tries to find the straight-cut answer to these questions. But nobody introspects as to what forms the price of developing an application.

The cost of application varies and depends on several factors. SW estimation can be tricky even for companies that have been in business for a long time. So it is vital to have adequate knowledge about SW estimation before we move ahead.

This article will guide you through the project development estimation. The pointers that you shall keep in mind before investing your hard-earned money.

Process of developing software

Let’s check out the process of software development cost estimation:

  1. Scope of the software- The scope of the software plays a significant role in determining its price. The project requirements of a company contribute to the project price estimation of a company. Every deliverable and limitation will add to the price. The more you introspect the scope, the more precise the estimate you get.
  2. Design- Once the scope is chalked out, the developers move on its design and development. The process starts from wireframing and gradually moves towards adding visual elements.  A major chunk of time goes into research and development to familiarize with API during the designing process.
  3. Final Testing- During the designing stage, it is crucial to perform rigorous tests. To ensure that the application is not troubleshooting and free from bugs.

Let us have a look at the factors for SW estimation.


The SW size is directly proportional to its cost. A higher number of web pages imply a higher amount of effort and budget. The classification of the sizes is given below:-

  • Small- Less than 20 pages
  • Medium- Between 21-40 page
  • Big- 40 pages or more

Degree of Complexity

Companies often aim at building fancy hi-tech software with advanced features. This calls for additional features in the app. So the more the features, the more complex the application gets. And with an increase in complexity, there is a hike in price.

Data analysis, third-party data integration and data migration form the cost of applications. A project cost estimation example will help us get more clarity- When you sign up on a mobile app, you can usually sign up using your phone number. But some apps might ask for your social media credentials. These add-on features increase the complexity of the app, increasing the budget software of the application.


No projects can be carried out first without chalking out their budget. Having client constraints is inevitable, so it is suggested that you list down all the features you want in your app. Convey the features that are a must on your software, and then you can head over to the additional apps if your budget allows.


Building software from scratch is a lot of commitment and effort. The effort required to build this app is equivalent to its cost estimation. Higher the time required results in additional costs.

So in case you have a deadline, it is suggested to convey that to the application developing company. It will save you a considerable amount of money and precious time.

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

This factor will have a significant impact on the price of your application. Outsourcing is likely to reduce your cost by 40%. The reason is that developing countries like India and Latin America have a huge wage gap compared to developed countries. This makes them the most favored outsourcing hotspots.

If you have a project in hand and want help defining its price structure, visit website to get help with custom software development. Make sure to state your requirements and time constraint beforehand.

How much does custom SW cost?

We have simplified the rates according to kind of software based on factors like:- size, complexity and data migrations:-

  • Compact – $5k-$10k
  • Moderate- $10k-$40k
  • Extravagant- $40k-$100k


Now that you know what goes into project development costing, you can make an informed decision. Every project is exclusive and has different requirements. Thus, the price will eventually differ.

Always remember, privacy and security are crucial for every software developing company. Checkout this list of proxies, to protect your network from threats and attacks.