Ai in food recommendationNot only independent entrepreneurs but also government officials are talking about the desire to invest in AI. Nothing is surprising in this, given the predictions of futurists. According to recent reports, in the future, smart devices will be able to replace cleaners, tax professionals, financial advisers, teachers, drivers, travel agents, and more. Artificial intelligence can be used in any field of activity, the restaurant business is no exception.

New technologies are infiltrating the restaurant business in the form of smart kiosks, food recommendation systems, chatbots, robots, and more.

Food Recommendation Systems: Worldwide experience.

Food recommendation systems can predict the wishes of the visitors of the restaurant. By analyzing data about the customer’s appearance, mood, age, past purchases, and preferences, the system can assume his wishes. It can also save the order history and “favorite order” template in the customer profile.

“Dominoes” and “KFC” restaurants use these technologies to help guests select specific menu items. Chinese KFC kiosks have facial recognition technology that makes predictions about the preferred menu items for a guest based on their gender, age, and order history.

When guests eat at a restaurant recommended by a friend, they tend to think about social media. This means that the institution has a great chance that this person will share his opinion online. Artificial intelligence recommendations have a similar effect. Halla application (USA) is one of the first in this area. To get personalized recommendations, you need to create a profile, indicate your favorite dishes, tastes, combinations there. Based on this data, the application selects a selection of suitable restaurants.

Don’t want restaurateurs to know about your food preferences? Do you feel uncomfortable with the thought that someone unknown will find out that you love BicMac on Fridays and fried trout on Thursdays? Take care of your anonymity on the Internet! To achieve complete confidentiality is possible only possible on a Virtual Private Network, which will completely encrypt all your personal data.

POS prediction services

Don’t you believe that clairvoyants exist? You are completely right! But only if this does not apply to artificial intelligence.

Imagine that your restaurant management platform can predict how many products you will need on a given day of the week. To do this, it relies on such data as, for example, the weather forecast, the announcement of entertainment events in the city. Now, on a hot summer day, accidentally missing out on information that, say, a concert is taking place near your restaurant, you will not have to worry that visitors will not have enough chilled drinks, delicious snacks, etc.

Robotics in famous restaurants

Robots in restaurants are a really new thing! Their possibilities are endless. Here are some examples of real robots in restaurants:

Robots machine at Boston’s Spyce restaurant. Kiosks take orders in it, and a large robotic system is responsible for preparing dishes. The main part of food preparation is done by a robot, a person is only responsible for loading ingredients into the machine and serving dishes.

– Flippy is the world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant. Performs the job of a grill chef and integrates with the internal systems of the restaurant. Can learn through the cloud and acquire new skills from their environment.

– Humanoid Robot “Pepper”. Can recognize the emotions of people and adapt to them (changing not only the nature of phrases but also the color of the eyes, monitor, tempo, and tone of voice). Perfectly copes with the role of a sales assistant, will be a good hostess or waiter. Its main advantage is the ability to win over clients, it is difficult to resist it.

The ultimate goal is to complete restaurant self-service.

Restaurant customers will instantly get used to a smart order-taking machine. In the future, they will have to get used to POS systems, which, among other things, independently give out their meals and drinks to the guests of the establishment.

AI in this format will be indispensable for businesses of all sizes. Entrepreneurs will be able to reduce the cost of paying salaries to employees and significantly increase their income. Recent studies show that the check for a purchase made through a self-service kiosk is much higher than the standard.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Artificial Intelligence Technology is constantly evolving and your wildest fantasies may become reality soon.