There is no doubt that data-related occupations are one of the most important professions of the present age, and are almost one of the highest paid professions in the world. The salaries of scientists and data specialists are about $ 100,000 a year, and as we all know, many professions of the last century gradually go. And thanks to artificial intelligence, especially learning the machine and of course robots, and all this will be only the presence of data specialists who feed all these technologies.

Because of the increasing importance of data science it would be good to know what techniques and languages ​​to learn to be an effective part in building new age technologies, and there is not much time for work to be done and data science today is of paramount importance. Quick to catch up with the trip and learn the most essential skills they need, so we’ll take a look at what the most important scientists and data specialists should learn.

The most important skills of data specialists:

Machine Learning

artificial intelligenceMachine learning is one of the most important areas of artificial intelligence. It relies on data and algorithms to enable the machine to make decisions independently without being directly programmed. The accuracy of the decisions made by the machine after the learning process is directly linked to the quality of the data and the intelligence of its selection, The only one you learn from the machine and therefore the more data quality, variety and suitability to the task of the program the higher the program the smarter and more able to make accurate and accurate decisions.

This technology will be the cornerstone in the development of many other smart technologies such as self-driving cars and sales sites and improve the user experience commensurate with it.

Machine learning needs a distinctive mix of science: mathematics, data science and software engineering, including programming, statistics, probability, data modeling and systems design. This technology can be started through many free and paid online courses.


Is an easy-to-use, easy-to-use programming language that can be part of a website, a smart application, a desktop application, or a software program that is outlined in Server Server and communicate with it and get the features of that language.

Is one of the most important languages ​​to deal with data has developed significantly in recent years in the areas of artificial intelligence and there are many libraries and algorithms built using them, especially those related to machine learning concepts.

This language can be easily learned as the Internet is full of Python language courses, websites and educational communities.

R language

r languageAn open source statistical package that facilitates the analysis and handling of large data and has many features such as linear and nonlinear modeling and time series analysis. Besides the Python language, the most important data handling tools, R also allows statistical analysis of data in real time, Helps to speed up and improve results and ease of handling data visually understandable and aggregated and thus develop algorithms and improve them according to the nature of this data.

SQL databases

No one can confirm the importance of databases in the organization of data and ease of dealing with them so we can not talk about data science without going through the most important databases provided for this area, where the databases allow SQL to retrieve data when needed, and facilitate access to large quantities Of data, dealing with them and searching them quickly and in less time, depending on the quality of the organization of these data in the tables, and anyone with any background knowledge can learn the concepts of databases and dealing with the educational materials are widely available on the Internet to those who wish.


Hadoop_elephantsIt is a framework or software environment that stores and processes a large amount of data across groups of computers. It is very flexible and scalable. It helps companies identify trends and predict results to improve important decision-making processes. Increase the important job opportunities that can be obtained by the data specialist, and by searching online we will find many good courses that help in the development of knowledge related to it.

Some other skills:

The possibility of developing expertise for data professionals is unlimited and each new skill is of course the best chance to be added to the list of available job opportunities for the owners of competencies, and things that can be interested in the data learned:

  • Statistics: mastering the concepts of statistics and methods of reading statistical data and classification of well-understood things that must be developed in the world of data.
  • Linear Algebra: which helps develop better data handling algorithms of any kind, which may be asked in job interviews.
  • Data presentation methods: Visual presentation of data gives information that may be difficult to obtain by regular data reading, so it is necessary to know the data views.
  • Concepts of software engineering: These concepts are articulated in case the work is not limited to data only, but data related to large systems, which is the most common for data scientists.
  • Data-based intuition: the ability to predict by reading data as well as the ability to solve problems based on data, which is important when data relate to the fate of large companies and data-based products.

Of course there are a lot of other skills that make the data world distinct from others because the profession of data specialists is a diverse and requires comprehensive skills and strong, as the sensitivity of data and accuracy of dealing with it can only be in the hands of people with a comprehensive experience of all aspects.

The post is by Soujanya Naganuri, Seo Analyst and Content writer presently working at Appmajix Technologies. She is currently working on a project named “Mindmajix” which is an e-learning website