php-developerToday, most parts of our lives revolve around technology and hi-tech devices; and when we face a glitch in it, we find ourselves at a loss. Our communication, home chores, mobility, professional tasks, and even leisure activities are mainly conducive to technological tools. Technology has transformed how many sectors work and eased up many burdens as machines perform activities without errors. They have reduced the human workforce to a remarkable low. Companies have turned digital and are keeping their sensitive data, history, and staff records safe through automation. Since cybercrime is on the rise, they make sure to build a healthy security system and keep sensitive information secure.

Information Management (IM), as the name implies, is about the management of data from different sources and its distribution among various related parties. IM includes curation, dissemination, archiving, storage, distribution, and destruction of images, drawing, and other information types. IM covers physical and electronic data, structuring, organizing, and filtering out the information before distributing it. Most companies use automated tools to collect and save data, and thus, IM often refers to electronic data.

Information Management has taken the shape of a full-fledged field. Due to advancement in technology, it continues to evolve. The area is challenging, and it is has grown exponentially in recent years. IM has become an essential aspect of carrying out operations. More companies are applying it to manage their data. A trend of students enrolling in mechanical and automated courses is on the rise. They understand that to succeed in the future, and they need to be technologically smart. Educational institutes are offering various degree programs for technical fields, and MS in Information Management is one of the popular degrees attracting many students every year.

Some of the emerging IM software are as follows:

1. Plytix

Businesses that do not operate on a large scale can benefit from Plytix. It provides support for small and medium-sized enterprises to reach their goals. Its unique quality is that it is affordable, and it gives a free trial for several days. Content managers can also set it up, and you do not need to have technological people on board. The software has a feature that allows filtration and tracking of information, and its user-friendly interface is easily comprehendible.


PIMCORE is an all-rounder. Individual business owners, partners, or big enterprises can use it to enhance their productivity. It has robust features that help it process large volumes of data and manage information based on specific instructions. PIMCORE comes with various tools for workflow management, data management, and its integration and delivery. It does not charge any license fee but allows users to utilize its powerful tools through a paid service.

3. Akeneo

AKENEO is a special IM software that provides businesses with data intelligence and enhances the accuracy of data. The software has partnered with third-party applications allowing users to add additional plug-ins and tools on the platform. This feature adds another degree of customization users can experience. Businesses can avail AKENEO’s community edition free of cost, and later on, upgrade it to enterprise and cloud edition.

4. Widen

WIDEN caters to mid-scale to large firms, and it is a content management system that has made a name for itself for its user-friendliness. It gives users an option of customizing metadata that helps in structuring the data of any firm. WIDEN has its own support system. Users can get instant replies to their queries, which helps them save valuable time. Its database allows businesses to have an enormous amount of photos and data. When users add metadata, they can easily search any file on its interface.

5. Catsy

The easy-to-use tools of CATSY have made it a popular choice amongst IM users. Its ability to provide users with the feature of uploading and tracking files in one place is what makes it stand out. The software has a bulk update option, which makes changing and managing product information easier. CATSY helps entrepreneurs optimize their communication and propose a content grading system, highlighting areas that need improvement. Another fantastic quality of CATSY is that it offers a demo version for newbies and business owners can learn how to use the software before investing in it.


Information Management supports organizations in meeting their goals and makes sure that the procession and distribution of information are seamless and reach relevant people on time. IM improves decision making and helps in creating value for individuals as well as for organizations. IM professionals have an in-depth insight into the technological world, and they use their expertise to emphasize social and ethical practices while managing the company’s data and information. Are you considering using an IM software?


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