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Undoubtedly, we all are accommodated with AI-driven technology keeping in view evolving advancements with rapid pace. Internet access and adoption are progressing swiftly and the number of online buyers is increasing with the speed of light every year. E-commerce is becoming the most famous and stepped up their game especially during the pandemic of COVID-19.   It is estimated that 1.92 billion people are purchasing goods and services online considering technological advancements and also avoiding physical contact. According to the latest calculations, e-tail sales outshined the figure of 3.5 trillion US dollars around the globe. 

Let’s have a deep insight into how artificial intelligence is merged with big data for customers’ due-diligence, risk assessment, and to leverage the power of data accurately and efficiently.  

How does Big Data work With AI?

At this point, big data is most assuredly to stay and will not be going away anytime soon. Keeping in view this fact, demands for the applications of artificial intelligence are growing tremendously. Big data and artificial intelligence are blending in a synergic and collaborative relationship. As a result, a fact reveals that artificial intelligence is nothing without big data, and big data is useless without artificial intelligence. 

That’s how big data works with artificial intelligence for the enhancement of automated operations efficiently and accurately. 

  • Data is fed into AI engines, making AI more intelligent. 
  • Less human interference is needed for the proper working of artificial intelligence. 
  • And finally, less AI needs people to sprint. The closer society will realize the potential of this on-going AI and big data cycle. 

Big data proves to be another reason how the usage and implementation of artificial intelligence are becoming repetitive. Latest AI-algorithms require a massive amount of data for the maturity of AI-field. For example, natural language processing is not possible without numerous human speech sampling and then breaking them into chunks to increase the rate of effectiveness of AI-engines. Big data will continue to grow larger to enhance automated operations. Similarly, AI will face vast expansion as more data is available to make appropriate data-driven decisions. 

Ways To Utilize AI and Big Data for Seeking Customer’s Attention

AI-driven technology is enhancing customer service applications for the betterment of customer experience that will drive sales and traffic, and also seek customer attention. 

Here’s how AI-based technologies are leveraging the power of data and amplifying customer experience. 

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Assistance of Customer Support Agents

Customers expect the assistance of support agents for immediate problem solving and to acknowledge customers more about products and services of a brand. The reason for the acquisition of AI-powered support agents is to avoid putting customers on hold or avoid transferring customers to multiple virtual agents. 

AI-powered contact center startups are adopted for an appropriate assistant of agents. Also, the performance of virtual agents is enhanced by pre-populating agent’s Graphic User Interface with relevant manuals, documents, articles, etc. Moreover, machine learning technology is incorporated for the analysis of customer interaction. Machine learning technology also helps in determining which content is utilized in each and every situation and helps to redefine algorithms accordingly. 

In short, virtual agents can utilize machine learning algorithms for

  • Enhancing the operations of customer service call agents 
  • Improve first contact resolution
  • minimizing call-handling time

Enhance Product Recommendation

Customer data is integrated with contextual information of the website such as browsing history, search queries, purchasing behaviors, browsing patterns for the enhancement of relevant product recommendations, and to boost sales. This product recommendation service enhances customer experience. Customer shopping experience is redefined with dynamic homepages and product pages by presenting more product relevant attributes on the basis of context. This service can also be utilized to provide a better customer experience through social media marketing campaigns and personalized emails. 

Upgrading Market Personalization

Whenever a customer is interacting with a famous brand, a customer expects personalization service and experience. In order to do that, customer information such as preferences, demographic data, purchase history, etc must be stored in a dataset with a real-time browsing experience. This will help to create a transparent relationship between business and customer, also to boost the sales cycle. No doubt AI is advancing in such a way that it can leverage customer data and can utilize predictive data for better customer engagement. 

Efficient Customer Interaction

Customer-facing workflows are enhanced evidently to improve productivity, and to boost the rate of accuracy and efficiency. Thanks to technological advancement and the heavenly blend of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data that results in customer satisfaction and reduced hold time. 

Chatbots are utilized to ask frequently asked questions for the elimination of wait time and to avoid disturbing customer’s routines. The technology proves to be helpful to resolve complex queries and support innovative conversational selling strategies. AI-based customer agents are becoming smarter with every passing day to predict customer queries based on CRM data and relevant options. 

Support Data-Driven Decision Making In Real-Time

Customer information can be utilized effectively, accurately, efficiently for accurate decision making. AI-powered technology can analyze and organize structured and unstructured data for the identification of market trends, develop a better understanding of customer expectations, and utilize customer sentiments in the best way possible. This helps to offer relevant services, select right products, define effective messaging, and enhance brand experience.  

Final Words

Perhaps, artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role to strengthen the acquisition of big data to provide an outstanding customer experience. The best part of this revolutionary technology is companies are already working on AI-powered software so that expanding startups don’t have to work from scratch. Moreover, there’s a dire need for mature datasets and latest algorithms to enhance customer experience in the best possible way and for the assurance of effective risk assessment. After all, data-driven decisions have a bright future ahead according to the software’s quality and quality of the dataset.