big data application in education

With the use of the internet, every user is inputting and saving their personal data on the modern digital world. The education industry is no exception. Data relating to administrators, students, and teachers is critical for schools, colleges, and universities to make important decisions for the smooth management and processing of school-related work. However, with a plethora of scattered data, it can be hard to make proper decisions. For example, preparing for an English exam will be more difficult for a student if all the questions and topics are scattered across different websites. But if all the English worksheets are on one resource, this will help students stay organized and be well prepared.

Likewise, big data applications have made all the manual work a breeze for the entire education industry. Such applications have allowed keeping all the student data such as course details, attendance, student ID, exam marks, and grades in each subject in one place. This makes it convenient for staff and non-staff members to track progress and evaluate trends in performance.

Therefore, we’ve listed the top 5 interesting big data applications in the education industry in this article. Read on!  

1. Civitas Learning

This big data application makes it easier for students to succeed professionally as well as academically. It collects and integrates data from all institutions and universities to help students make better career plans. It also ensures smooth academic planning, scheduling, and registration processes.

All the organized data also makes it convenient for the administration team to manage all their workflow uninterruptedly.

2. 12Twenty

This data-driven application helps students in connecting with future employers or even universities. Therefore, it makes the recruiting process a breeze for them and also for the career advisors.

It makes collecting the surveys from students a more efficient process. This ultimately enhances the data universities hold while reducing the hefty burden of spreadsheets.

This data is also beneficial for career advisors in making industry reports and assessing student employment.    

3. GradeBook Pro

GradeBook Pro is an innovative class management tool that monitors student performance, class behavior, and participation in real-time. It also keeps a record of their scores and attendance to avoid any human error or an unnecessary burden.

This application is free of any subscriptions, ads and in-app purchases to provide a complete solution to professional educators. It can draft performance, grade, and attendance reports for the entire class, as well as the individual students.  

4. Apex Learning

Apex Learning application provides insights into student performance and accesses real-time data in order to create and update lesson plans according to the needs of students without having to invest in additional resources.

Instead of providing students with their academic reports after a term, this app allows them to continually monitor their progress throughout the year. Whereas, educators can engage in a better way via this app.

5. Knowre

This interesting big data application is specifically designed for identifying and addressing class 1 to 12 students’ math problems. It deeply evaluates every student’s performance, and therefore, recognizes their strengths and weaknesses.

This app then automatically generates math problem sets according to every student’s difficulty level to help them progress. The teacher dashboard gives access to teachers to view student data, so they can help them focus on specific problems accordingly.