financial data apisIf you want to do things like chart historical stock market data or build algorithmic financial prediction apps, you can use a plethora of financial APIs to assist you. The APIs are pieces of software that interact with financial applications. You can gain all kinds of data from APIs to facilitate transactions and payments and improve the ease of integration, collaboration, and end-user experience. With so many APIs on the market, it can be challenging to know which are the best ones. So, you should first spend some time determining what kind of data and features you require. To help you get started, here are some of the very best APIs for financial data. 

Alpha Vantage 

If you are looking for finance or stock market APIs, Alpha Vantage is a fantastic service for generating real-time and historical data on stocks, FX, and cryptocurrencies. Alpha Vantage prides itself on using cutting-edge technology to democratize access to data. The API is simple but powerful, and it is consistently ranked highly by users for its ease of use, accuracy, and price-point. 


Optimal Blue’s LoanSifter API contains all the data you need for the mortgage industry’s digital marketplace. The API connects investors, lenders, and providers to market-leading capabilities, comprehensive secondary marketing solutions, and value-added services. 


The Codat API specializes in SME financial data exchange. It leverages cloud-based microservices technology to allow the easy deployment of solutions into existing content management systems. It contains fantastic documentation for developers and end-users and is capable of delivering information of any size. 


Plaid is a platform that contains a host of products for developers to build financial applications that interact with bank accounts. The API enables you to simply authenticate and link bank accounts to any app and utilize bank-like functionality. With Plaid, you can develop apps that synch with bank accounts to easily and quickly transfer funds and track and manage budgets. 


The global financial services company Morningstar, Inc.’s API enables developers to query common stock fundamentals, trading strategies, technical indicators, and other data from the Morningstar website and transform that information into JSON format. The API provides a transformative service, but the data itself is freely available in HTML and CSV formats on the Morningstar website. 


With the Zirra API, developers can search over 100 time-series-signals for thousands of public companies. You can receive up-to-date information as well as historical data back to 2014. The Zirra API’s proprietary event classifiers consistently track and monitor companies to make sure you gain a full picture of today and yesterday’s data. 

Barchart OnDemand 

For direct, extensive, and reliable financial market data, look no further than Barchart OnDemand. The API makes it simple to integrate market data into websites, apps, charts, and financial tools. It has direct connectivity to the exchanges, so you can be sure all information is up-to-date. Furthermore, the data can be received in any programming or operation system language.