artificial-intelligenceArtificial intelligence aims at stimulating human reasoning in machines. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with artificial intelligence that will be listed in this context.


1. New Inventions

AI technology has made it possible to solve complex problems. For instance, AI technology can aid medical practitioners in detecting ailments such as cancer. Also, AI technology can ensure you have access to insider trade news.

2. The AI Technology Can Handle Relative Jobs

We usually conduct relative tasks at the workplace, such as verifying specific documents and sending thank you emails; using AI technology, such studies can be automated.

3. Faster Decisions

Using AI technology, machines can make decisions fast as compared to human beings. As human beings make decisions, they usually incorporate factors such as emotions, whereas machines cannot. However, they can produce the needed results fast as compared to humans. For instance, when playing chess against the computer, you can hardly win against the AI.

4. Human Errors Will Be Reduced

The term “human error” means that humans usually make mistakes once in a while. If a computer is programmed well, it cannot make any errors. With AI technology, the decisions are based on the information that has been gathered previously, and it will be applied by a set of algorithms, which means the errors will be reduced, and there is a better chance for attaining accuracy.

The best example is how AI technology has reduced the margin of error in weather forecasting.

5. Available 24/7

An average human can only work 4 to 6 hours daily as they take breaks in between. As for AI technology, it is available throughout, and there is no need for breaks, unlike humans. Helpline centers can gain significantly from AI technology.

6. Digital Assistance

Some of the advanced corporations usually rely on digital assistants to interact with users. The digital assistants are incorporated into websites, and they can provide what users want. An example of a digital assistant is a chatbot, and users cannot easily determine whether they are chatting with a digital assistant or a human.

Each company has a customer support team that usually clarifies different queries. Using artificial intelligence such as chatbots or voice bots, organizations can assist clients with all their queries. Some companies have also included chatbots in mobile applications.

7. Daily Applications

The common daily applications include Cortana by Windows and Siri by Apple. Each of these applications is used in daily routines, including searching for a location, making a phone call, taking a selfie, and replying to emails.

Two decades ago, we would ask the locals about the direction to a particular area when traveling. Currently, we use Google to look for directions. Google maps also help to provide the best route depending on your final destination.


1. Humans Tend to Be Lazy

Humans become lazy because different processes are automated, and future generations will be highly affected.

2. No Emotions

Machines might be efficient; however, they are unable to replace the human connection that brings people together as one. With machines, team management is impossible.

3. The Cost of Creating an AI is High

The software and hardware needed by AI technology are updated daily, and your company may have to part with a significant amount of capital to ensure you’re up to date. The process of creating an AI is also costly since such machines are complicated.

4. Unemployment

As AI technology handles repetitive tasks, there will be minimal human interference meaning the unemployment rate will be high. Qualified personnel will be replaced with AI robots that can handle some of these tasks more efficiently.

What Do We See in The Future for AI?

AI technology is constantly growing and changing. Artificial intelligence systems can learn, and their performance will improve over time. The AI technology is set to improve; however, it cannot be applied to every industry to avoid high unemployment rates.

Although AI technology has different advantages and disadvantages, it is advisable to focus more on the good than the bad. The technology harbors many benefits; however, we should ensure the technology doesn’t get out of hand as humans.