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In recent years AI (Artificial Intelligence) has evolved quickly, and it is gradually becoming part of our daily lives. Artificial Intelligence like Google Assistant and Siri are just two of the many types of AI out there that people use in their daily lives. 

The gambling industry has changed in the last few decades. Instead of placing a bet in traditional bookies or going to a land-based casino to enjoy an evening playing a slot machine, people have been playing online instead. The revenue generated on the internet through these websites is one of the reasons why the most powerful people in the industry are not afraid of change. Due to modern technology, the gambling industry is booming, so most people involved are welcoming AI with open arms.

At the moment, AI is one of the biggest trends in the gambling industry. Experts are predicting that AI might have a transformative impact on the sector in the near future. So, what changes can we expect to see in the world of gambling over the next few years?

It will make Cheating almost Impossible

Since the first day gambling became available on the web, online bookies and casinos’ main priority was and still is to eliminate cheating from their games. Although cheating online is difficult, especially in comparison to land-based casinos, it is still possible, and many cybercriminals have taken advantage. People have developed machines known as bots so that they can cheat in casino games like online slots. However, most online casinos have developed and implemented their own AI systems so they can recognize when a bot is being used. 

However, cybercriminals don’t give up easily, and they will continue developing machines in the hope that they successfully make money from online casinos. They understand that they have to stay on their toes to help reduce the risk of losing a lot of money to these bots and other systems. 

Online poker is one of the most popular online card games played on the internet. Often players use AI software to help them with statistics or to help coach them while they play. Although some casinos allow users to run these systems while playing poker online, others don’t. Similar to online slots, casinos have developed systems so it can see when one of the players is using one of these programs. 

AI can be used to Improve a Casinos Customer Service

A lot of gambling companies have already implemented AI to help manage their customer service. However, it is expected that the use of AI in the customer service area will increase over the next few years. If you work in this area currently, perhaps it’s time to worry, because experts believe that approximately 85% of customer service support will be controlled by AI in the coming years. 

Most online casinos offer their service 24 hours a day, so providing customer service around the clock can prove challenging. Most well-established casinos and bookmakers have a live chat option. If a customer has any queries or complaints, they can send messages online and expect to get a reply in a matter of minutes. If you have ever used this service and thought you were talking to another human being, the chances are you were chatting with AI technology. You can expect to have less human contact with other humans in the future. This does not only apply to online casinos but to customer services in any industry. 

Oracle found that 78% of businesses worldwide are using AI in their customer service. Although this statistic is expected to increase, they have to be fully confident that AI functions properly before implementing it. Customer service is a vital part of any business, and if customers find the system in place frustrating, then the online casino could lose a lot of business. 

AI will be used to Target Punters

Unlike traditional casinos, most online casino operators have a lot of promotions and offer in an attempt to lure new customers in or to encourage existing customers to gamble. However, AI is expected to change the way these promotions are advertised in the future. AI will target people who it feels will want to take advantage of certain bonuses. 

Some punters are put off by these promotions because they might have a wagering requirement. Casino operators feel that AI can be used to tweak these offers to make them more appealing to certain people. 

Although many sites use cookies so they can understand what their visitors are looking for, AI is expected to take this to the next level. AI will be implemented to analyze different customers’ behavior, and they can use this information collected to target specific people.

VR will change the way we Game Live

Although VR (Virtual Reality) and AI are different from each other, they are closely linked. People are already using VR headsets for many reasons, and experts involved in the casino sector claim that they can be used to make online gambling even more realistic. It could completely revolutionize the way we gamble today. 

Although most online gambling sites provide their guests with far better offers and odds in comparison to land-based casinos, some people still opt to go to the traditional casino instead. However, developers have been creating software that makes people feel that they are in a real-life casino. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, online gambling has increased to new levels, however, many feel it’s not the same without the atmosphere. VR could provide this, which would bring gambling at home much more exciting. 
It would completely change games like online poker. You would be able to see your opponent’s reaction in the middle of games. Imagine a roulette table with a big crowd around you cheering you on before you make your move. Although this situation is common in Hollywood movies, it rarely happens in real life. However, VR could make this a reality every time you visit an online casino.