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Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2015

Monetising internal and external big data to drive brand loyalty and develop new revenue streams

Conference: 20 – 21 April 2015
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

Conference Programme:

  • Understanding the True Value of Big Data and Developing a Data-Driven Business Model for Your Business
  • Operator Keynote Address – Mastering the Challenges as A Telecoms Operator – From Smart Data Analytics to Future Analytics
  • Operator Case Study – Exploring the Potential for Data-Driven Marketing and Improving the Customer Experience through Customer Lifecycle Management with Big Data
  • Dive in to Big Data and Innovation
  • Exploring the Potential for Operators in Developing An Established Data Platform in the Run Up to the Internet of Things
  • Operator Case Study – Challenges and Opportunities in Fixed Line Telco Big Data Analytics
  • Operator Case Study – How to Unlock As Much Information As Possible through Your Big Data whilst Ensuring Customer Privacy?
  • Operator Case Study – How Can You Build Consumer Trust in your Big Data Strategy?
  • Developing A 360 Degree View of Your Customers through Big Data
  • INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: How can you harness your Big Data to help make big decisions that result in big rewards?

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